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The World Sushi Skills Institute Web App

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The World Sushi Skills Institute Web App

The World Sushi Skills Institute (WSSI) operates in cooperation with the All Japan Sushi Association (AJSA) –the only sushi association accredited by the Japanese government. In year 2010, the WSSI established a globally recognized Sushi Proficiency Certification System. Since then, they have been teaching the techniques for preparing safe and delicious sushi to thousands of world-class sushi chefs and restaurant owners in over 140 cities around the world. This educational process culminates every year with WSSI certified sushi chefs coming to Japan in August to compete in the World Sushi Cup in hopes of being crowned the World Sushi Champion.

The World Sushi Skills Institute has tasked Smartek with making all this knowledge available through the WSSI official Progressive Web App.

The WSSI Progressive Web App is available at wssi.jp.

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(final release 06/2018)

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