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Smarty, the Loyalty App for small businesses

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Smarty, the Loyalty App for small businesses

Fact: Big companies for years have spent millions of dollars on Customer Loyalty Programs, offering points with each purchase that can be cashed in later for rewards.

Fact: Customer Loyalty Programs have always been cost prohibitive for small businesses due to the high development and maintenance costs.

Fact: Everyone likes something for free!

Smartek has harnessed late generation technologies (think cloud computing, off-site development and IT management) enabling any size business owners to deploy their mobile-based Customer Loyalty Program easily — without paying exorbitant upfront costs.

At first sight, Smarty Loyalty looks like a traditional Business Mobile App. Smarty Loyalty, however, offers much more than this. Smarty Loyalty provides users with various options such as business info, service menus, reservations system, points and couponing system, geo-location aware target offers, amongst many others.

Whether you want to incentivize your clients to keep coming back after purchasing your goods and services, you want to make sure you are ahead of the competition by providing clients with a ‘free offering’ or you want to ensure your existing loyal clients feel as if they are being valued by your operation, Smarty Loyalty is the answer.

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